Introducing the J.R. Merritt Controls Online Store

Introducing the J.R. Merritt Controls Online Store | Spare Parts and Select Products

Understanding the need to provide our customers with easy access to pricing, inventory levels, and more detailed product information, we are excited to launch the J.R. Merritt Controls Online Store. This exciting new platform gives our customers and sales partners access to our most popular spare parts, standard operator seats, and a select range of standard joystick configurations.

Jennifer Gurliacci, Chief Operations Officer, stated “Our goal is to serve our customers quickly and efficiently, and to continually find ways to provide them with a better experience. Customers now have the benefit of getting pricing instantly rather than the typical process of receiving a quotation via email – saving possibly a day or more.” At launch, the store contains a robust range of spare parts and products from the following categories:


Along with the benefit of standard ecommerce functionality, the store contains photos, detailed descriptions, and specifications for all featured spare parts and products. Support downloads and installation / replacement videos (where applicable) are also accessible on each product page, making the store a strong resource for general product support.

Striving for a user-focused experience, functions such as search, filter criteria, and model compatibility have been integrated into the store to allow users to find what they need from multiple avenues. The J.R. Merritt Controls customer service team will continue to be available for guidance identifying the correct spare part or product, and to support anyone who would like to get registered for the store.


To summarize, the new J.R. Merritt Online Store offers:

  • Instant Access to Pricing, Stock Levels, and the Ability to Order Online
  • Product Specifications, Images, and Installation Videos
  • Visibility on Account Order History (Online and Traditional) and Order Notifications
  • No Minimum Order Total Requirements


The J.R. Merritt Controls Online Store is now live and can be accessed via the following link:

For questions regarding the store, visit our FAQs page or contact our customer service team.