J.R. Merritt Joins Nucor Steel Arkansas for their 25 Year Anniversary Event

Merritt Mobile Operator Chair System Demo Unit at Nucor

The Merritt Mobile was present for Nucor Steel Arkansas’ 25 Year Anniversary and Family Day Event. The celebration ran from Oct. 27 – 28 and had a great turnout. The weather was overcast and a little brisk, but it did not stop Nucor staff and their families from enjoying the many activities that the event had to offer.

The Merritt Mobile is a crane operator chair system demonstration unit that is fully integrated with the state-of-art CM Labs Vortex Simulator. For the event, the system was setup with an overhead crane simulation that mimics the cranes that this Nucor location currently has in their facility. The simulator was a big hit and many of the crane operators found enjoyment in watching their children try to operate a crane. The simulation gave many of the crane operator’s families firsthand experience in what their spouse or parent does on a day-to-day basis.

Along with the Merritt Mobile, the event featured mill tour videos, carnival rides, games, and of course, great food! We thank Nucor Arkansas for inviting us to take part in the event and make the weekend more enjoyable for their staff and families.


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