New Operator Chair System Combines the Ultimate in Adjustability and Control

Introducing Merritt Synergy Operator Chair Systems

Introducing Merritt Synergy

Leading industrial controls manufacturer J.R. Merritt Controls, Inc. has introduced its latest innovation in operator chair systems. Merritt Synergy systems combine the ultimate in adjustability and control to bring ease-of-use, comfort and productivity to new heights. These heavy-duty systems are engineered for continuous use in a variety of machine and industrial cabin applications, from cab-operated cranes and mining dredges to drills and maintenance-of-way equipment.

Merritt Synergy Operator Chair SystemThe Merritt Synergy system features a multitude of adjustment capabilities to optimize comfort and reduce stressful seating positions for operators of all statures – from less than five feet tall to well over six feet. High-resolution joysticks allow for more precise movement over a wider arc, helping the operator hit the target with less stress and fewer corrections.

A variety of standard seat options, control console sizes and joystick styles allow for custom configurations with quick delivery – all at a competitive price. Additional customizations to seats, consoles, armrests and more are available to further enhance operator comfort and productivity. Choose from optional footrests, foot pedals and floor slides to tailor the system perfectly to your requirements.

J.R. Merritt has outfitted its Merritt Mobile mobile chair system simulator with Merritt Synergy for easy demonstration at facilities, plants and ports nationwide. With the state-of-the-art CM Labs Vortex Simulator onboard, operators can test the controls and features of the system in life-like applications that are relevant to your industry.