New Steel Enclosure Option for NSB2-0 Rotary Switches

New rotary switch steel enclosure option

The NSB2-0 rotary switch has long been known for its rugged construction and reliability. To meet the demands of more stringent applications, we’ve engineered a new standard-option enclosure housing. This new all-steel enclosure is rated and suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. The body of the enclosure is powder coated in black for extra protection. Custom colors are available to match the interior of your machinery or workstation.

The joystick switch is easy to install thanks to a simple mounting plate design. The new robust enclosure enables this rotary switch to be used in a range of lift/drop applications, including in-plant process control, mining vehicles and lift systems.

The NSB2-0 rotary switch’s most notable features include:

  • Robust construction featuring a strong steel operating shaft that will not bend or break.
  • A long mechanical life of more than 10 million cycles (with friction break).
  • Precision step control with up to 7-0-7 individually detented steps.
  • A combination of custom contact sequences, detents, spring return, potentiometers and electronics for flexibility in design.

For more information on this new enclosure option for the NSB2-0 rotary switch, contact us or call 1-800-333-5762.