J.R. Merritt Introduces Multi-Function, 7-Button Fighter-Grip Handle

J.R. Merritt's FG5 multi-function handle is the newest addition to its range of FG fighter grips. The FG5 is affordably priced and meets NEMA-4 requirements. The handle features a longer throat for large-handed or gloved operators and is designed for both left- and right-hand mounting.

The FG5 boasts a twist 3rd-axis Hall-effect signal with spring return to center. A removable panel can be configured with a combination of different buttons, thumbwheels, rocker switches and toggles. Its faceplate can accommodate up to 7 push buttons in addition to a true trigger. This robust handle is compatible with J.R. Merritt's CS3VHD, PRO4, XLVNSO, VNSO, VNS2, NNSO and NS3 joystick controllers, as well as all standard 8mm shaft couplings.

For more information on how this versatile, cost-effective fighter grip can improve your operators' efficiency, contact J.R. Merritt Controls, Inc.

View FG5 Multi-Function Handle Product Specification Sheet (PDF)

J.R. Merritt's FG5 is just one of the many handle models in our extensive line of Mobile Hydraulic Control Solutions. Our complete offering of handles, joysticks, controllers, chair systems and operator consoles are overviewed in our new Mobile Hydraulic Joystick & Control Solutions Brochure, which is available for immediate PDF download. Hard copies are also available via the web or contact us at our Corporate Headquarters in Stratford, CT at 800-333-5762.