Heavy industrial
The CS3 is an extremely rugged Joystick in an ultra-compact and versatile design. The durable housing and center pivot design make this device resistant to abuse and ideally suited for high duty cycle applications.

1, 2 and 3 axis control is available as well as a variety of standard and custom handles and grips with push buttons and levers. Both separate and simultaneous operation of each is achieved with standard gate patterns.

For use on Industrial Vehicles, both off and on highway including Excavators, Fork-lifts, Bucket Trucks, Truck Mounted Cranes, Construction, Agricultural, Mining, Forestry, Airport Ground Support equipment, Scissor Lifts, Boom Lifts and Aerial Work Platforms.

  • Compact and rugged construction design
  • Proprietary blend, ultra-tough boot
  • Environmentally sealed mounting and corrosion resistant components
  • Smooth high-life non-biasing compression style spring return
  • Single and dual axis operation
  • Long life Hall-effect technology
  • Meets or exceeds CE EMC requirements
  • Conformal coated electronics to resist moisture

  • Drop-in or panel mount options
  • Variety of handle options including sealed push-button and lever actuated deadman
  • Cross gate
  • 7-30 VDC Supply
  • Redundant output
  • CANOpen, J1939 or basic CAN protocols
  • Bang / bang design - 2 or 4 11A micro-switches per axis
  • HD design - robust internal mechanism including 10mm diameter operating shaft, heavy duty shaft retainer and heavy duty anti-rotation pin

CS3 Mechanical data
 Life 20 million plus cycles
 Operating temperature range -25 to +70 degrees C
 Handle travel +/- 20 degrees each axis
 Gasketing To IP54
 Panel space requirement 2.76" x 2.76 Panel mount
3.54" x 3.54" Drop in (Footprint of joystick mounting)
 Maximum number of contacts (Bang / bang design) - 4 snap action switches per axis
 Mounting dimensions See CS3 literature PDF above
CS3 Electrical data
 Push-button (optional) 2A 24VDC N.O. momentary
 Termination 20 AWG wire 6" leads with AMP connector
 Bang / bang contact (optional) 11A @ 125, 250VAC V series snap action switch
Termination - .187 x .020 male Q.C.
Maximum wire size - 18 AWG
 Hall-effect Supply Voltage: 4.5 to 5.5 VDC

Output Voltage:
Ratiometric 0.5 - 2.5 - 4.5 +/- 0.15V @ 5.0V supply

Output Current: 10mA

Power Consumption: 20 mA @ full load

EMC Emissions:
Complies with EN61000-6-4:2007 Class A Group 1, 80-1000 MHz

EMC Immunity:
Complies with or exceeds EN6100-6-2:2005, expanded to include:
RFI Immunity of 100 V/M @ 80-1000 MHz
ESD Immunity of 15Kv air, 8Kv contact
 CANbus CANOpen, J1939 or basic CAN protocols

4 analog inputs
8 digital inputs
2 digital outputs

See a complete listing of CANbus technical data in ESS408 CAN Based Interface Module Board literature
See a complete listing of technical data in CS3 literature.