NS2/NSB2-KB Compact Cast Controller
Space saving design and popular mounting hole pattern allow for easy replacement of other manufacturer's master switches.
MG9 / MG25 Palm Handle
Palm Handle with multiple push button options
FG5 - Universal Hand Grip
J.R. Merritt introduces the FG5 Handle, an affordable, multi-function, 7-button, fighter grip that meets NEMA-4 requirements.
XL-VNSO High Duty Cycle Hall-Effect Joystick Controller
Offering the same durable mechanics as the original XL-VNSO, but enhanced with longer life Hall-effect technology.
NEMA 4 Sealed, Hall-Effect, Single Axis Control
FS1 - Hall-Effect Finger Switch
Compact and lightweight, for use in radio control systems and portable consoles. Rugged enough for industrial vehicles, mobile machinery, on and off-highway, and for in-plant process control.
M3 finger operated Hall-effect joystick
The M3 finger operated Hall-effect Joystick Controller is ideally suited for use in portables for remote control systems or for precision control of mobile and industrial machinery.
M4 Finger operated bang/bang joystick for industrial applications
M4 bang / bang joystick controllers offers exceptional durability and ruggedness for a finger operated joystick.
ESS408 - CAN-Based Interface Module Board
The new ESS408 interface module board offers CAN-based solutions for industrial vehicle applications.
FBS Drive/Brake Controller
Traction / Brake controller for railway equipment.
DB-VNSO Drive / Brake Controller
The DB-VNSO features rugged high life construction, compact design, ease of service, and ultra-smooth feel for precision control.
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