Industrial / Hydraulic
Heavy-duty, 1 axis Joystick with Valve Drive Board and Mechanical Interlock.

Valve Drive Boards available to control 12 or 24 volt valves.

Standard single axis footprint with universal mounting holes.

The ultra-rugged PRO-4 also provides precise proportional control for AC/DC variable speed drives and industrial vehicles.

Your Specific control requirements can be accommodated by a variety of standard and custom configurations.

For use on Scissor Lifts, Work Platforms, Bucket trucks, Cranes, Agricultural, Mining and Forestry equipment.

  • Versatile design
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Long life, compression type return spring system
  • 20 million cycle mechanical operating life
  • Rugged 10mm diameter handle shaft
  • Tooled, fixed cams

  • Multiple mounting systems
  • Friction held handle
  • Large variety of handle configurations including deadman and mechanical interlock options
  • Stepped detents
  • Bang / Bang design
  • VNSO contact block design
  • Large selection of proportional outputs including potentiometer, Hall-effect, PWM and CAN Bus
  • Hall-effect output meets or exceeds CE EMC requirements

PRO-4 Mechanical data
 Life 20 million cycles
 Materials Cast Aluminum body, plated steel side plates, self lubricating bearings, stainless steel return arms and compression style return spring system.
 Operating temperature range -25 to +70 degrees C
 Handle travel +/- 36 degrees for potentiometer
+/- 20 degrees for Bang/Bang and Hall-effect
 Potentionmeter rotation +/- 126 degrees
 Gasketing To IP55
 Maximum number of contacts (4) micro switches with potentiometer
(6) without potentiometer
 Maximum number of steps 3-0-3 with microswitches
5-0-5 with NSO contacts
 Panel space requirement 1.73" x 3.38" (Footprint of Joystick Mounting)
 Mounting dimensions See PRO-4 literature PDF above
PRO-4 Electrical data
 Microswitch contact rating 11A @ 125, 250 VAC
 Terminal .187 x .020 male Q.C.
 VNSO contact rating 16A @ 240 VAC
 Terminal Saddle clamps
 Maximum wire size 18 AWG for microswitch
14 AWG for contact block
 Potentiometer 10k 4-wire 0.5W, conductive plastic, 5 million cycles
5k 3-wire 0.5W, conductive plastic, 5 million cycles
 Hall-effect Supply Voltage: 4.5 to 5.5 VDC

Output Voltage:
Ratiometric 0.5 - 2.5 - 4.5 +/- 0.15V @ 5.0V supply

Output Current: 10mA

Power Consumption: 20 mA @ full load

EMC Emissions:
Complies with EN61000-6-4:2007 Class A Group 1, 80-1000 MHz

EMC Immunity:
Complies with or exceeds EN6100-6-2:2005, expanded to include:
RFI Immunity of 100 V/M @ 80-1000 MHz
ESD Immunity of 15Kv air, 8Kv contact
See a complete listing of technical data in PRO-4 literature.