Grammer Actimo Seat Update

Grammer Actimo Seat Update

Praised for durability and adjustability, the Grammer Actimo seat has become the first choice in many industrial equipment applications. For years, the Actimo has been a core part of the J.R. Merritt product range, either offered as a part of our complete operator chair systems or supplied as a standalone seat assembly. We have offered countless configurations and a multitude of part numbers to accommodate different applications and individual customer preferences.

Furthering our initiative to better support our customer base by providing easy-to-use materials and content, we are eager to announce a complete transformation of our standalone Actimo seat product line. The entire range has now been consolidated into a series of core standard models that feature the most common seat and seat / suspension combinations. See below for the complete list of standard models.


Along with these core seat models, we have introduced “add-on items” which consist of all typical seat options, including armrests, seat belts, and more. Customers can pick and choose the add-on items best suited for the needs of their application and operators. See below for all add-on items currently available.


New Actimo seat photos, specifications, instructional videos and support materials now available online.

All standard seat assemblies and add-on items are now conveniently available on our web store, allowing you to view, build, and price standalone Actimo seats instantly online. As seen in the image above, we have also released more information and content on these products, including photos, specifications, support documentation and instructional videos, which can now be found on all Actimo product pages.

For more information on the Grammer Actimo Seat download the brochure or contact our customer service team.