The MERRITT MOBILE is Coming to You!

MERRITT MOBILE - operator chair system with interactive crane simulator
Test drive our operator chair system with interactive crane simulator

Cruising across the country, our new mobile chair system simulator is showcasing the Merritt Synergy – our latest innovation in operator chair systems – at facilities, plants and ports nationwide. With the state-of-the-art CM Labs Vortex Simulator onboard, operators can test the controls and features of the Merritt Synergy in life-like applications that are relevant to your industry.

Want the MERRITT MOBILE  to visit your facility?  Request a demo and see what all the buzz is about!



What’s Inside?

Merritt Synergy

Van-open-white-bkgCombining superior comfort and adjustability, the MERRITT SYNERGY line of operator chair systems brings ease-of-use and productivity to new heights. Learn more.


What Does the Demo Feature?

Vortex Simulator provides true-to-life applications for trainingReal Life Simulations

Joining forces with CM Labs, we’ve equipped our Merritt Synergy chair system with the Vortex Simulator. This cutting-edge simulator features a range of applications and training exercised to give operators a true-to-life experience during the demonstration.



Why Schedule a Demo?

J.R. Merritt Simulator on-location for live demonstrationProductivity & Efficiency

We understand that you and your staff may not have the time to travel to our facilities to evaluate the latest technology. Our Mobile Demonstration System will arrive at your facility, loaded with relevant, true-to-life simulation scenarios, allowing your team to experience the productivity and efficiency gains that can be made with state-of-the-art equipment from J.R. Merritt. Request an on-site demonstration today.