Heavy industrial
The TYPE VCSO Joystick Controller is rugged, compact and offers excellent application versatility. VCSO Joysticks are utilized where precise proportional and step control of A/C or D/C drives and Electro-Hydraulics is desired.

The all plastic Zytel housing and specially treated rugged metal components make this Joystick ideal for use in corrosive environments.

The VCSO Joystick is constructed with nickel chromium gimbal yokes, nylon guide blocks, 5/16" hardened operating shaft and bronze gate with shaft roller as a stop. The VCSO also features a new positive detent system and a field removable off point contact module.


These devices are commonly utilized to control Material Handling and Processing machinery used in Metals, Mining, Marine, Construction and Forestry Industries where durability and resistance to corrosion is paramount.

  • Rugged construction
  • Compact design (6 contacts & potentiometer in each axis in a 4.75 square area).
  • Corrosion resistant components
  • Single and dual axis operation
  • 6 Double Pole contact blocks each axis (field replaceable)
  • 10 million plus operations
  • Long life, compression type return spring system

  • Multiple mounting systems
  • Friction held handle
  • Standard and custom switching gates
  • Up to 6-0-6 detented steps
  • Large variety of optional handle configurations including deadman and mechanical interlock options.
  • Large selection of proportional outputs including high life conductive plastic potentiometers, PWM, encoders and Can-bus

VCSO Mechanical data
 Life 3-5 million cycles.
 Materials Glass filled Zytel body, nickel chromium yoke (properties similiar to stainless steel).
 Operating Temperature -25 to +70 degrees C.
 Detented Positions 0° neutral and 1-0-1 - 6-0-6 steps
 Handle travel 2 x +/- 37° for proportional
 Potentionmeter rotation +/- 140 degrees
 Maximum number of contacts 12 contacts per axis, 6 contacts per axis with potentiometer.
 Maximum number of steps 6-0-6
 Gasketing To IP55
 Panel space requirement 3.78" x 3.78" standard, 2.84" x 2.84" upon request (footprint of joystick mounting)
 Mounting dimensions See VCSO literature PDF above
VCSO Electrical data
 Contact Rating 10A 240 VAC resistive; 4A 240 VAC inductive
 Terminals Captive saddle clamps
 Maximum wire size 12 AWG
 Certifications UL Recognized File #E106738(m)
 Push-button (optional)
(in body contact)
4A 240 VAC resistive; 3A 240 VAC inductive
 Terminals Saddle clamps
 Maximum wire size 12 AWG
 Potentiometer 10k 4-wire 0.5w, conductive plastic, 5 million cycles

5k 3-wire 0.5w, conductive plastic, 5 million cycles
See a complete listing of technical data in VCSO literature