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How to Install a VNSO Joystick With an Aluminum Nameplate

Watch the video above or read the steps below to learn how to install a VNSO joystick with an aluminum nameplate.


Recommended Tools:

  • #2 Phillips Head Screwdriver



Prepping the joystick for installation.
Before you can install a 
VNSO joystick in a chair system console or panel, the aluminum nameplate (part #: 03.268) and mounting plate (part #: 03.002) will need to be removed from the joystick.

  1. Using a Phillips head screwdriver, remove the four (4) screws located on the corners of the nameplate. 

  2. Detach the boot from the nameplate by pulling the bottom of the boot away and over the retaining flange.

  3. Squeeze the boot up and remove the nameplate by pulling it up and around the boot.

  4. Remove the four (4) screws at the corners of the mounting plate using a Phillips head screwdriver. 

  5. Once the screws are removed, squeeze the boot and fit the mounting plate up and off of the joystick.

  6. Make sure that one corner of the gate and VNSO body are marked. This will ensure that, should the gate become loose during installation, the proper orientation of the gate can easily be determined. If the gate is not marked, mark one corner.

Installing/mounting the VNSO joystick.
In these instructions we install the VNSO in the console of a 
J.R. Merritt chair system, but the process also applies to a typical panel or pedestal.

  1. Lift up the console cover and place the joystick through the mounting hole. Have the VNSO body rest on the edge of the console cover

  2. Squeeze the boot and fit the mounting plate back over the handle to position it for installation.

  3. Line the mounting plate up with the mounting holes and install two (2) screws on opposite corners of the plate with the Phillips head screwdriver.

  4. Once the two screws are stable, close the console cover.

  5. Add the remaining two (2) screws and then tighten all four (4).

  6. Place the nameplate back onto the joystick by squeezing the boot up and guiding it through the opening of the plate.

  7. Reinstall the four (4) screws into the corner of the nameplate.

  8. Lastly, pull the bottom of the boot over the retaining flange on all sides to secure it in place.

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