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Product Refurbishment Program

Refurbishment Program Overview

As a service to all customers, J.R. Merritt Controls offers a product refurbishment program to transform worn products to like-new condition.

The program begins with a no-charge, complete evaluation of your product to identify what components or electronics need to be refurbished or replaced. Upon completion of the evaluation, we will promptly provide you with a quotation for refurbishment and/or complete replacement.

All refurbishments include:

  • Product repair to like-new condition

  • Extensive cleaning & lubrication of components

  • Re-alignment of drives (if applicable)

  • Renewal of warranty (1 year)*

Eligible products** for the J.R. Merritt refurbishment program are as follows:

*Warranty renewal limited to components and parts that were refurbished and/or replaced. **Products over 10 years old are not eligible for the refurbishment program. Please contact us for a replacement in these cases.

To begin a product refurbishment request, please follow the link below and complete the return request form. Once completed, you will receive a Return Material Authorization (RMA) # via email within 1 to 2 business days. Please do not ship your product(s) to our facility until you have received an RMA # and return instructions from the J.R. Merritt team.


Refurbishment Program FAQs

How long does the no-charge evaluation process take?

Once received, your product will be inspected and evaluated within 7 business days. Please contact us to confirm the evaluation lead time on RMAs containing multiple products.

How long will a refurbishment take?

Product type and build will determine the lead time for the completion of your product. Your refurbishment quote (received post evaluation) will specify the lead time for completing the refurbishment.

What if my product is not on the list of eligible products?

Our refurbishment program is limited to a select group of products. If you do not see your product listed, contact us for a quote on a replacement or for general support. Some additional product models not listed may be eligible for refurbishment.

How do I identify my model #, serial # and manufactured date?

Your model #, serial # and manufactured date can be found on the product's label, which is usually located on the body of the joystick/controller (underneath the panel /mounting plate). If your product is missing this label, please contact us with the original purchase order with which the product was purchased. Read our Joystick Model Identifier Guide for additional tips on how to identify your joystick model.

How do I know if my product is still under warranty?

J.R. Merritt products have a (1) year limited warranty from the original ship date. Products found to be defective within this period from normal use and service (not arising from misuse or accident) will be refurbished or replaced free of charge. If your product is still within the warranty time period and you believe it is eligible, complete the warranty return form to initiate your product return.

What services are included in the refurbishment program?

The evaluated product will be restored to "like new" condition and will receive an extensive cleaning and lubrication of components. For applicable products, we will also conduct a re-alignment of the joystick/controller's drives. All refurbishments will also provide a renewal of product's warranty (1 year).

How do I get a Return Material Authorization (RMA) #?

Simply complete the form found by following the link above. Upon submission, you will receive your RMA # and detailed shipping instructions via email within 1 - 2 business days. If your request is urgent, please call our customer service team after submitting the form to expedite receiving your RMA #.

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