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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are common questions and answers about J.R. Merritt Controls' products and services. Click on a link below to jump to the desired question and answer.

» How long have you been in business?

Since 1986

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» What are the delivery timeframes for your products?

1-axis controllers and joysticks
3-4 weeks for small quantities
6-8 weeks for the 1st release of large quantities and then as required.

Spare parts
1 week for parts in stock and for parts that don't require assembly.

Operator chair systems and control stations
6-8 weeks.

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» Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express to an order maximum of $10,000.

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» How do I locate a local distributor?

J.R. Merritt Controls products are generally purchased directly from the factory. Most products are made to order.

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» When will my order ship or what is the status of my order?

Off the shelf, in stock spare parts orders, and quick ship Joysticks will ship within 3-5 business days. Made to order, custom orders will be scheduled within 3-5 business days and you will receive an order acknowledgement via email stating our ship date. When scheduling, J.R. Merritt Controls makes every effort to meet your request date, if none is provided we will ship by our quoted lead time.

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» How do I track an order that has shipped?

Under customer service you can access UPS tracking. Enter our order number (i.e. 23xxx) and UPS will respond with the information they have available. Most shipments go by UPS unless requested otherwise. For other methods of shipping you can e-mail us or call customer service at (203) 381-0100.

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