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Waste & Recycling

Custom controls for all stages of the waste & recycling process.

From waste collection vehicles to waste-to-energy plants, J.R. Merritt offers a full range of joysticks and control solutions to meet the high demands of the different ends of the industry. For waste and recycle collection vehicles, we offer a complete range of electronic joysticks with hall-effect, CANOpen, Basic CAN, J1939 and 4-20mA outputs. Additional output types also available.

In waste-to-energy plants, our ultra heavy duty line of joysticks and chair systems provide crane operators with reliable and intuitive operation. Joysticks like the VNSO were designed to be used in highly demanding applications where use is continuous. Merritt complete chair systems feature a multitude of features and adjustments that help optimized comfort for WTE crane operators, while boosting productivity.

Whether a joystick or a complete chair system, all products can be completely customized to meet requirements of the machinery and the needs of the application.


  • Grapple Cranes
  • Ash Cranes
  • Curbtenders
  • Refuse Collection Vehicles
  • And more
Waste disposal vehicle
Waste disposal facility interior

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Why J.R. Merritt Controls?

Unmatched Quality & Reliability

J.R. Merritt's joysticks are manufactured and tested to withstand the harshest conditions and use. A stringent focus on quality control in our U.S.-based, ISO certified manufacturing facility ensures the utmost accuracy and quality of all our electronic joysticks and controllers.

Fully Customized to Your Requirements

Every joystick we build is as unique as its application and operator. From the handle to the output technology, we partner with our customers to identify and engineer the controls that will meet and exceed the needs of their application. When working with us, consider our engineers and technical staff an extension of your own team.

Ultimate Versatility & Functionality

Comfort and function are key when using a joystick or controller. With an extensive portfolio of handles, grips, buttons and switches, J.R. Merritt's interface solutions are engineered around intuitive operation and user comfort. Our team will work with you to recommend the best options that will suit the movement and actions of your operator and equipment.

Made in USA
Over 35 years of experience
Certification ISO

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Helpful Resources & Tools

Crane manufacturers, crane service providers, and waste facility staff encounter a variety of challenges when defining and choosing a joystick or control system for their machinery. To assist with this process and with general maintenance, we've released the below articles.

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