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Operator Chair System

Merritt Synergy

Combining superior comfort and adjustability, the Merritt Synergy line of operator chair systems brings ease-of-use and productivity to new heights.


The MERRITT SYNERGY chair systems feature a multitude of adjustment capabilities to help optimize comfort and reduce stressful seating positions for operators of all statures, from less than five feet tall to well over six feet in height.

Compatible Joysticks

Seat Options

Koenig Seat

The Koenig Operator Seat is a full body contoured seat for optimum back and lateral stability. Available in cloth or leather with our without U-Cut. This fully adjustable seat comes standard with highly durable black cloth upholstery, mechanical lumbar support, continuously adjustable reclining, foldable backrest, adjustable seat depth and adjustable headrest. Our leather seat (shown) includes all of the standard features above along with an extra upper lumbar tilt adjustment and adjustable side support. Baffles are incorporated into the backrest to allow for increased airflow.

Koenig options

  • electric backrest adjustment

  • motor driven seat adjustment

  • operator presence switch

  • 2-point retractable seat belt or 4-point shoulder harness

Actimo Seat

The Actimo operator seat offers a large range of quick and easily accessible adjustment features to adapt to most individuals in a range of applications. Standard features include mechanical lumbar support and ultra-tough velour or vinyl upholstery along with fore and aft seat slides, backrest tilt, cushion tilt, depth adjustment, document pouch and adjustable headrest.

Actimo options

  • 2-point retractable seat belt and 4-point shoulder harness

  • tilt adjustable armrests

  • operator present switch

  • black leather upholstery with our without heat and ventilation

Control Consoles

Standard 10" Consoles

Light grey customizable 10" console that allows for 8 button and 1 joystick placement or 6 buttons and 2 joysticks.

Standard 12" Console

Light grey customizable 12” console that allows 14 buttons and 1 joystick or 12 buttons and 2 joysticks. Gas shock assisted tilt and movement capabilities are activated by conveniently located push buttons or levers, simplifying and speeding up the adjustment process. Console mounted armrests with angle adjustment help provide the necessary upper body support for applications when the operator is required to lean forward.

Custom Sized

Custom consoles are available with widths up to 15” wide. Gas shock assisted tilt and movement capabilities are activated by conveniently located push buttons or levers, simplifying and speeding up the adjustment process. Console mounted armrests with angle adjustment help provide the necessary upper body support for applications when the operator is required to lean forward.

Console Options

Consoles can be customized with additional options to meet the needs of your application. Options include customized controllers, custom-wired-pilot devices, leather hand rests, cup holders, black paint and stainless steel covers.

Suspensions & Add-ons






Wide, pneumatic, heavy-duty suspension with 12 or 24v operation. Max. weight capacity of 375 lbs. (170 kg). Includes mechanical lumbar support and adjustment.





The Mechanical scissor tilts the entire chair system forward to provide optimal viewing of work below and the height can be adjusted.





Dual seat and console slide system allows the consoles and seat to slide together or the seat to slide independently of the consoles.






Footrests turn with the system and are highly adjustable to suit each individual operator and a variety of working positions. - 2-piece open footrest - Adjustable 2-piece with hinge for sideways adjustment





Heavy-duty foot pedals are designed with rugged, sealed construction, suitable for precise control in high duty cycle applications. Available in: - Proportional - Step - On/Off





Floor slides optimize installation space and provide improved usability for various tasks. Floor slide sections are available in custom lengths up to 6000mm (19’). The stainless steel, roller-action floor slide has a quick release adjustment lever that can be operated while seated. - Manual or motorized floor slides - Various slide ranges available


General Data

Unique Features

- High level of adjustability

- Improved operator comfort

Console Width

10", 12" or custom (up to 15")

Max Number of Devices

10" Console
Up to 8 devices and 1 joystick or 6 devices and 2 joysticks
12" Console
Up to 14 devices and 1 joystick or 12 devices and 2 joysticks

Seat Options

- Koenig Seat (Leather or Cloth)
- Actimo Seat (Velour or Vinyl)

- Full cushion or u-cut cushion (Koenig seat only)
- Heated seat (leather Koenig only)
- Motorized seat recline (leather Koenig only)
- 2-point retractable seat belt
- 4-point shoulder harness
- Operator presence switch

Suspension Options

Mechanical Suspensions
- Heavy Duty (weight up to 400 lbs)

Pneumatic (Air) Suspensions
- Wide (weight up to 375 lbs)
- Heavy Duty (weight up to 485 lbs)

Armrest Type

Console mounted, large armrests with 11 position tilt adjustment for optimal upper body support. Leather handrest also supplied standard.

Footrest Option

- 2-piece fixed footrest with adjustable horns
- 2-piece fixed footrest

Est. Shipping Weight

580 lbs.

Est. Shipping Dimensions

60 in. x 45 in. x 52 in.

Adjustment Features

System Rotation

Optional, up to 270 degrees

System Height

System Tilt

Consoles Slide Forward/Backward

Consoles Tilt

Consoles - Slew In/Out

Armrests - Height

Armrests - Tilt

Seat - Slide Forward / Backward

Seat - Recline

Seat - Lumbar

Footrest - Height / Tilt

Technical Data

Rotation Optional

270 degrees max with pin lock or friction brake operation
Pin Lock
4 locking positions (every 90 degrees). Positions can be customized to your specifications.

Friction Brake
System holds throughout +/- 135 degrees of travel. 

Max Turning Radius

System with 10" Console
30.5" [775 mm]

System with 12" Console
33.1" [840 mm]

Slide Range

23.4" [595 mm] total adjustment
15.6" [400 mm] seat slide range
7.8" [200 mm] seat and consoles range slide range

Scissor Adjust Range

Height: adjustable to 3.2" [80 mm]
Tilt: adjustable to 14 degrees

Armrest Adjust Range

Tilt / height adjustment: 11 positions, 5 - 30 degrees

Console Adjust Range

Tilt: -20 degrees (down), +50 degrees (up)
Slew: 5 degrees (in), 10 degrees (out)
Slide: +/-1.97" [50 mm]

Backrest Recline

Koenig Seat
10 degrees (forward), 80 degrees (backward)
Actimo Seat
80 degrees
46 degrees with 4-point rectractable harness

Seat Cushion Adjust Range

Koenig Seat
Depth: 3.9" [100 mm]
Actimo Seat
Depth: 2.4" [60 mm] in 5 increments forward
Tilt: 3-11 degrees in 4 increments

Headrest Adjust Range

Koenig Seat
Height adjustment: 2.4" [60 mm]
Tilt: 38 degrees

Actimo Seat
Height adjustment: 3.5" [90mm]
Tilt: 38 degrees

Under Chair Cable Clearance

6" [152.4 mm] Min

Additional Specifications

Reference product literature for additional specifications and options

Technical Drawings



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