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Ergonomic Guidelines for Chair Systems

Ergonomics is the ability for a product to adapt to both the workspace and the individual.

The guidelines and recommendations under Ergonomic Armchair System Selection and Placement is for general information purposes. The guidance given if followed and done properly could help reduce risk of injury, but will not necessarily prevent all possible injuries. J.R. Merritt Controls, Inc. makes no guarantee or promises to eliminate every risk or injury. If an operator is experiencing pain or discomfort they should advise their employer and seek immediate medical attention. Continuing to work between the onset of the symptoms with out seeking medical care can worsen the injury.

If used incorrectly any equipment even that labeled ergonomic can cause injury.

J.R. Merritt Controls Inc. does not guarantee that no injury can occur from the use of ergonomic products whether purchased from J.R. Merritt Controls, Inc. or elsewhere.

The above referenced links are made to assist an employer in addressing potential work related injuries. J.R. Merritt Controls, Inc does not make any claims to the validly or content of the information on these websites and furnishes this as informational only as a courtesy.

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