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HS2 Joystick

Designed for the most demanding applications, the HS2 multi-axis joystick offers durability and performance in a robust package. Available with Hall-Effect, CAN, ProfiBus, ProfiNet & 4-20mA outputs, the HS2 can be configured to a broad range of applications.


  • Ideal for rugged applications

  • Robust and reliable metal housing with stainless steel component

  • 3D hall-effect technology designed to provide a long operating life

  • Contactless design prevents wear and tear

  • Sleek design with optional canister on bottom

Axis Options
  • • Single

  • • Dual

  • • Three

Output Options
  • • Hall-Effect

  • • CANOpen

  • • J1939

  • • 4-20mA

  • • ProfiBus

  • • ProfiNet

Handle Travel Options
  • • Open Gate

  • • Cross Gate

Joystick Action
  • • Spring Return

Mounting Style
  • • Drop-in (From Above)

  • • Panel (From Below)

Compatible Handles


The compact design and variety of connecting links, final notchings and compatible handle shapes give the HS2 a wide range of application uses.


General Data

# of Axis

Single, Dual or Three*
*Third axis is achieved via a twist handle function or thumbwheel.

Output Options

Hall-Effect, CANOpen, J1939, ProfiBus-DP, ProfiNet, 4-20mA

Joystick Action

Spring Return

Handle Travel

+/- 20 degrees each axis


Open or Cross

Handle Compatibility

MG1, MG2, MG9, MG13, MG25, G56, G58, FG-2, FG-4, RH, RHS


5 million cycles


Metal housing and stainless steel components.

Mounting Data

Mounting Style

Drop-in or Panel (from below)

Mounting Footprint

1.73" x 1.73" Panel mount (standard)
3.6" x 3.6" Drop-in mount (required for fighter grip handles)
See literature for additional mounting specifications

Environmental Data

IP Rating


Operating Temperature

-40° to +158° F [-40° to +70° C]

Storage Temperature

-58° to +194° F [-50° to +90° C]

Electrical Data

Additional Specifications

Reference product literature for additional specifications

Technical Drawings



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