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NS3 Joystick

This joystick has a special console design enables activation of electronic elements such as Hall sensors and potentiometers and the use of up to three switch contacts.


  • Designed for very precise and sensitive work

  • Special gates are available

  • Suited for usage in tough work environments

  • A range of handles are available to help design a custom control system

  • ProfiBus

  • ProfiNet

  • Hall-Effect

  • Potentiometer

Axis Options
  • • Single

  • • Dual

  • • Three

Output Options
  • • Hall-Effect

  • • Potentiometer

Handle Travel Options
  • • Open Gate

  • • Cross Gate

  • • Custom Gate

Joystick Action
  • • Spring Return

Mounting Style
  • • Panel (From Below)

Compatible Handles


In combination with the bus system, the NS3 is suitable for tough conditions. Typical applications include:

  • Construction

  • Agriculture

  • Forestry

  • Special machinery

  • And more


General Data

# of Axis

Single, Dual or Three*
*Third axis is achieved via a twist handle function or thumbwheel.

Output Options

Hall-Effect, Potentiometer, ProfiBus & ProfiNet

Joystick Action

Spring Return

Handle Travel

+/- 26 degrees each axis


Open or Cross


20 million cycles

Mounting Data

Mounting Style


Environmental Data

IP Rating


Operating Temperature

-13 to +140 degrees F [-25 to +60 degrees C]

Electrical Data

Additional Specifications

Reference product literature for additional specifications

Technical Drawings



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