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How to Replace a Boot on VNSO Joystick with a Standard HD Handle (Video)

Watch the video above or read the steps below to learn how to replace a boot on a VNSO joystick with a standard HD handle. Please note that this step-by-step process also applies to VCSOVNS2 and CS1 industrial joysticks that are configured with standard handle options*.

Tools Needed:

  • Offset Phillips Screwdriver

  • Socket Wrench


Removal of the Current (Old) Boot:

  1. First, loosen the anti-tamper screw with an offset Philips screwdriver. This screw is located on the underside of the handle base.

  2. Once the anti-tamper screw is loose, next unscrew the push button actuator cap using your hand. Once loose, pull it up and off the base.

  3. Next remove the flex shaft and spring that were located under the cap.

  4. Inside of the handle base, remove the 11 mm nut with a socket wrench.

  5. Pull up and remove the entire handle base. Be mindful of the loose components, as you will need these later when reassembling. Inside there is one (1) honeycomb washer, one (1) smaller lock washer, and one (1) 11 mm nut.

  6. Remove the bushing from the top of the joystick shaft and the insulator tube that’s around it.

  7. Next remove the boot by stretching or pulling the bottom of the boot away and over the retaining flange. Once removed, flip the boot over and remove the bushing from underneath.


Inspection / Maintenance Tips:

With the old boot removed, we recommend doing a brief inspection of the inner parts and components. Inspect the yoke and all accessible mechanical parts to ensure nothing looks out of place or broken. Also, use this as an opportunity to re-grease all mechanical parts, as this will help to increase the longevity of your joystick. Before installing the new boot, wipe out any remnants of the old boot or general debris that might be inside.


Installation of the Replacement (New) Boot: 

  1. Add the bushing that was just removed to the bottom of new boot, and slide the boot onto the joystick shaft.

  2. Then slide the insulator tube and bushing back onto the shaft (in that order).

  3. Next put the handle base back on, which will need to be re-assembled in the following order: First the honey comb washer. Second the smaller, lock washer. Lastly the 11mm nut, which will need to be tightened with a socket wrench. Be careful not to cross thread the nut while tightening. 

  4. Once the nut is tight, slide the flex shaft and spring back into the joystick shaft. Push it down a couple of times to ensure it operates.

  5. Place push button actuator cap back on top of the handle base and screw it on until tight, using your hand.

  6. With an offset Philips screwdriver, tighten up the anti-tamper screw.

  7. Lastly, pull the bottom of the boot over the retaining flange on all sides.

Visit our support section for more information and documentation on joystick servicing and spare parts. If you have any questions or need to order spare parts, contact us today.

*Handles with mechanical interlock have slightly different components and assembly process.

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