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J.R. Merritt Announces New G56 Multi-Function Handle

J.R. Merritt Controls expands its wide variety of joystick handles with the introduction of the G56 multi-function handle. Available in a left-hand and right-hand model, the G56 handle boasts an ergonomic shape and integrated hand rest for fatigue-free operation.

The G56 offers a high degree of flexibility with a selection of individually configurable front and rear plates that can be populated with push-buttons, rocker switches, and thumbwheels. Unique to the G56, capacitive hand sensor technology is also available as an option.

Compatible with our VNSOXL-VNSOVNS2VCSOVCS2CS1PRO-4 and PRO-6 joysticks, the G56 is ideal for any application requiring multiple functions in an ergonomic package. Download the G56 brochure now or contact us for more information.

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