JR Merritt
May 16, 2017

J.R. Merritt Teams Up with IMS for Warehouse Crane Retrofit


A warehouse crane – previously operated from only a platform – in a facility in Kentucky was being upgraded by Integrated Machinery Solutions (IMS) with the installation of a cab. To fit within the confines of the existing platform the retrofitted cab needed to be fairly small with a footprint of 60”L x 43.625”W x 96”H.

To support operator comfort and productivity, the end customer required a fully functional operator chair system to be installed in the cab. IMS had the challenge of finding a chair system that would fit the tight space (45”L x 39.625”W), while not restrict or limit chair and control functionality. In addition, the cab entrance was to be offset from the operating position, so rotation was required with a minimum of 45˚ from either direction of the chair’s center to allow entry into the seat within the confined space.


Understanding the limited space available in the cab, the J.R. Merritt technical staff recommended the HRC-100 chair system for the application. The HRC-100 was designed to bring full functionality and standard chair rotations in a compact solution. To fit the needs of the customer and application, several critical customizations were required, including:

  • Flip-up console on the right side (rather than standard left) to accommodate the cab entry point

  • 7” riser with electrical terminal strip for termination under the chair

  • Heavy-duty 330 lb. (150 kg) suspension

  • 90˚ rotation from the chair’s center – the customer required a minimum of 45˚ either direction of center

  • 2-axis XL-VNSO heavy duty industrial joysticks – hoist/rotate on the right, trolley/bridge on the left

  • A push-button on the right console for crane-on and a selector switch on the left console for lighting control


J.R. Merritt provided a custom-built, compact – yet fully functional – chair system to meet the stringent requirements of the application. The customized HRC-100 chair fit seamlessly into the new cab and was delivered completely wired for easy installation. The new system met all chair control functionality and comfort needs, while providing the desired space to allow operators to work effectively.

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