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How to Replace Contact Blocks on a VCSO Joystick (Video)

Watch the video above or read the steps below to learn how to replace contact blocks on a VCSO heavy industrial joystick. VCSO contact blocks were designed to be easily replaced in the field for simple and efficient joystick maintenance and service. This process is applicable for the replacement and installation of all VCSO contact block types (listed below):

Tools Needed:

  • Phillips Screw Driver


Removal of Current (Old) VCSO Contact Block

  1. Using a Philips head screw driver remove the two (2) body screws that are in line with the contact block, as well as the body clamps that are located underneath them.

  2. Grip the sides of the contact block and slide it off of the body of the joystick. Make sure to keep the joystick stationary from this point forward. If your VCSO joystick has in-body detent stops, they may fall out of place if the joystick orientation is changed.


Inspection / Maintenance Tips

Before installing the new contact block, apply light grease to the bottom of the exposed cam, as well as the detent, roller, roller groove, and pin. This task will help to ensure the longevity of your joystick’s mechanical parts.


Installation of Replacement (New) VCSO Contact Block

  1. Grab the new contact block and identify the side that has two (2) small pins. Slide the contact block on to the body of the joystick with the pin-side facing down.

  2. Add the two (2) body clamps and two (2) Philips screws back on in each corner where they were removed from. It might be necessary to push down on the contact block slightly to allow the clamp to sit flush.


For more information on VCSO industrial joysticks, check out the links below:

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