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How to Replace Contact Blocks on a VNS2 / VNSB2 Joystick (Video)

Replacing the contact blocks on your VNS2 / VNSB2 industrial joystick, but not sure where to start? Watch the video above or the read the steps below to learn about this quick and easy replacement procedure. This step-by-step process is applicable for 06.042 AC contact blocks and 06.043 DC contact blocks, and applies to the following controllers and switches:


Tools Needed:

  • Flat Screwdriver


Contact Block Replacement Process

  1. Partially remove or loosen the two (2) uppermost screws on the contact block using a flat head screwdriver.

  2. Once both screws are loose, simply slide the contact block off of the drive.

  3. Grab the new contact block and with the caution label facing up or away from the joystick, slide it onto the drive. Please note that the caution label is only on DC contact blocks. AC contact blocks do not have the same orientation requirement when installing.

  4. Finally, tighten the two (2) uppermost screws using a flat head screwdriver.


Maintenance & Inspection Tip

Before reinstalling your joystick in its panel or console, wipe out any debris or dirt that might be inside the contact drives.


Visit the support section on our website for additional info and documentation on joystick servicing and parts. If you have any questions regarding this procedure or if you need to order spare parts, contact us today.

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