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Master Switch

NS2-0 / NSB2-0 Rotary Switch

NS2-0/NSB2-0 Rotary Master Switch features the same rugged design components and versatility as the NS2/NSB2 series of Joysticks.


• Rugged construction with brass bearings and square steel operating shaft.

• High design flexibility with combination of custom programmable contacts, detents, spring return, potentiometers and electronics.

• Precise step control with up to 7-0-7.

Output Options
  • • AC OR DC Contacts

  • • Potentiometer

  • • Encoder

  • • Transformer

Switch Action
  • • Spring Return

  • • Maintained

  • • Friction Brake

Mounting Style
  • • Panel (From Below)

Compatible Handles
  • • Tear Drop

  • • Ball

Compatible Handles


The NS2-0/NSB2-0 provides directional, precise proportional speed and step control of AC/DC variable speed drives. Applications include In-plant Process Control, Mining Vehicles, Conveyor and Lift Systems.
• Lift/drop magnet control
• In-plant process control
• Conveyor and lift systems
• Steel & aluminum rolling mills
• And more


General Data

Output Options

AC or DC Contacts, Potentiometer, Encoder & Transformer

Handle Action

Spring Return, Friction Brake or Maintained

Handle Travel

0-330 degrees Max. handle action in cast enclosure +/- 120 degrees

Max of Steps

Up to 7-0-7 or 0-16 positions

Handle Compatibility

Teardrop & chrome steel ball lever


10 million cycles


Aluminum body and nickel chronium yoke.

Est. Shipping Weight

15-23 lbs.

Est. Shipping Dimensions

24 in. x 12 in. x 12 in.

Mounting Data

Mounting Style

Panel (from below)

Mounting Footprint

4" x 4" 
See literature for additional mounting specifications

Environmental Data

IP Rating

Up to IP66 / Nema 4x (with cast enclosure & round nameplate)

Operating Temperature

-13 to +158 degrees F [-25 to +70 degrees C]

Storage Temperature

-40 to +158 degrees F [-40 to +70 degrees C]

Electrical Data

Contact Specifications

Switch Type: 
Double Pole Contact Blocks 

Max. Number: 
Up to 10 contact blocks (20 circuits) 

Max. Switching Capacity: 
Making - 160 amps Breaking - (0.7PF) 240V 160 amps 

Rating (AC) NS2-0: 
Continuous 25 amps @ 600V 
Resistive 20 amps @ 240V 
Inductive 14 amps @ 240V 

Rating (DC) NSB2-0: 
Resistive 5 amps @ 250V 
Inductive 2 amps @ 250V 

Saddle Clamp 

Max. Wire Size: 
12 AWG

Additional Specifications

Reference product literature for additional specifications

Technical Drawings



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