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Navigating Discontinuations: J.R. Merritt Controls Compatibility with Schneider Telemecanique Joysticks

In the world of industrial controls, the advancement of joysticks and master switches has steadily progressed, as a result, product discontinuations become a common occurrence. At J.R. Merritt Controls, we are committed to providing new technology while maintaining joystick and master switch product lines that cater to legacy cranes and machinery. 

As other manufacturers, such as Schneider, discontinue products, we want to ensure end users and industry professionals are aware of replacement options. To enable a seamless transition for those in search of Schneider Telemecanique Harmony series joysticks, we have prepared a comprehensive comparison chart to guide individuals to J.R. Merritt equivalent models. The compatibility and specifications are showcased in a side-by-side format to facilitate a consistent reference visual of joystick specifications and options available.

Download the Schneider Comparison Chart here.

(This chart highlights discontinued Harmony series joysticks and outlines their compatibility with J.R. Merritt joystick models.)

The below list offers a quick preview of the discontinued Harmony models and their J.R. Merritt alternates and links to learn more about these readily available replacements.

XD = MO/M2




XKM C = NS2-0

As the industry forges ahead, embracing cutting-edge technology becomes imperative. J.R. Merritt joysticks bring several advantages to the table, including,

  • Reliability: J.R. Merritt joysticks are built and proven to withstand harsh environments, ensuring longevity and reliability in the most demanding applications.

  • Customization: With a range of models and individual options, users can tailor their joystick to match the exact requirements of their application without compromise.

  • Support: With an unparalleled focus on customer service, the J.R. Merritt team is dedicated to providing world-class general and technical support. 

J.R. Merritt Controls staff are available to help with these types of transitions and answer any questions you may have about compatibility and specifications. Contact us today for support with Schneider Telemecanique Harmony series joystick and master switch replacements.

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